Dressing ideas for the Christmas

Christmas is definitely the most exciting in a year, the Christmas is coming, have you prepared a new look for the coming Christmas day? Are you a fashion girl? Which kind of dressing style do you prefer? Want to be luxury, sweet or smart? If you are worrying about your new looks, I will give your some inspirations.

The winter streets are always quite uninteresting and tiresome. People usually wear dark colors like black, brown and gray. Why not wear an eye-catching red coat or hats? Red is the main color for Christmas, we can get some inspirations from the clothes that the Santa Claus wears. A lovely red fur coat is sure to catch all of the attention if you are walking on the winter street. If you do not like it, you can try a lovely red knit cap or a red backpack, sweet and fashion you will be. Discover wholesale fur coats at voguequeen.

The snow boots have become the must-buy winter clothes for many women for a long time. Since it will be quite cold then, keeping warm will be quite important. There are many style of snow boots now. You can find various of snow boots from simple straight style and pure color to colorful accessories and splices. If you want to have a warm Christmas, how can you do not have a pair of warm snow boots.

If you are walking on the street, you can easily find that handbags have become the very important weapons for fashion icons to show their fashion tastes. If your clothes are quite normal, don’t worry, a chic and lovely handbag is sure to highlight your whole look. 

May all of you become the most eye-catching girls on the Christmas street! 


Make your winter warm and stylish with luxury fur coats

Starting from the primitive period, fur has become the most important part of human clothing because of its strong heat preservation function. With the era development, fur became the pronoun of luxury because of the limited quantity and high quality, especially in the thirties of the last century, the great depression make fur important fashion, the economic crisis made people find warmth and security in the fur. 

Today, fur is still the inspirations for numerous designers on winter clothes because of its fantastic texture and tie-in effect. Although fur products has been opposed and protested by environmentalists and animal rights activists for many times, fur, this classic fashion element, is still the bloom "flower" on the T stage.

As the fashion industry developed, the designers' requirement for autumn/winter series fabric is more and more specific, fabrics should not only keep warm, but also not be too heavy, vision wallop should also be strong enough, so there is always a place for fur in autumn/winter fabrics. Fox fur, rabbit fur, raccoon fur, mink fur and lambskin fur are very common seen fur fabrics. The fashion designers use traditional handicrafts like perforation, applique, weaving and dyeing to make the original fur fabrics into colorful and changeable.Buy chic and modern fur clothing at VogueQueen.

In 2013 autumn and winter, fur products appeared on the fashion stage with a variety of forms, not only fur clothes, fur shoes, fur bag, fur hats and other fur products came out on the fashion show of many famous brands. Colored fur products are especially eye-catching and outstanding on this years T stage. Fur fabrics are more and more used in small areas. The fur clothes are no longer just the symbol of luxury, more and more aspects of the fur come out. Fur clothes can be modern, rock , vintage, sexy and so on.

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Extremely luxury fur apparel appeared on 2013 autumn/winter shows

The cold winter is coming, let's review the luxurious fur in the autumn/winter 2013 show, so many impressive clothes appeared on the shows. For consumers, these clothes are luxury, noble, fashion and warm, no weight; For the designers, the pursuit of using advanced fabrics, tracing back to use the original fabric and skilled tailoring are shown in their works. PradaFendiGiorgio ArmaniLouis VuittonValentinoMarc JacobsVersaceMarniGucciPrabal GurungRoberto CavalliDerek Lam…… Their autumn/winter 2013 show adapted fur invariably. Their works are leading the fashion trend.
Valentino is good at using the lace, Chiuri and Piccioli also used fur at this year’s autumn/winter series. A black long sleeve dress which is made of hollow Astrakhan sheepskin furs took about 500 hours to complete. The embroidery and crystal on the dress took lots of time. 
Marc Jacobs’ autumn/winter 2013 show fur is extremely luxury, but Marc Jacobs want to show is definitely not look there is costly feeling dress, he ably used these pajamas elements in those delicate and vintage clothes. Fur in this season, also must be a place that should not be ignored, whether it is in the details or the use of a whole, they appropriately express the theme of the entire series, not vulgar naked, but the ladies in the heart is unable to consider the complex combination.
In Versace 2013 autumn and winter series, designers Donatella Versace plus the punk ethylene with modern fur, the extreme contrast promoted the design of this series: long coat like military coat matched with a decorative skirt, pure white crepe middle of a tight, nail decoration. 
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Enjoy your winter!


Tips on choosing a perfect fur coat for winter

Fur coats are always connected with the winter fashion. It’s already early in the winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Fur coats are perfect clothes for girls who want to keep warm and stylish in winter. Here are some advice for you if you have a fancy on fur clothes.

Real fur is usually not the way to go - at least not when purchasing a brand new suede fur coat if price is a concern. A suede fur coat made from mink and deer, or other furry animal will cost significantly more than a coat made of synthetic fur. These pets or animals will often be farmed specially for the fur business, priced at the animal farm owner’s money in enclosure and meal. In addition it rates revenue to slaughter and skin the creatures, then make their coats for anyone to use.

Caring for a genuine suede hair cover demands money and time, and devotion on the working day you obtain it? A more so over a cover made out of imitation fur. It needs a garment hanger strong enough to hold it, typically created from secure lumber. A suede hair jacket also needs to be retained off from light and heat to halt it from transforming hue. Approximately year after year, depending on how usually the coating is worn and dirtied, the garment has to be brought to a furrier to have a specialist scrubbing. Additionally, as enticing as it may be to utilize the jacket while in the rain, an excess of humidity implies you should the give the coat packing for an additional trip to a furrier to clean.

Overall, a shorter suede hair cover fails to fit beyond the individual hips. These jackets are somewhat light weight and in most cases put on casually. Layers of larger measurements can arrive at the terrain and, even though pretty nice to utilize, are generally extremely heavy and proper to utilize quite often. Before purchasing it, it is important to try on a suede fur coat to get a feel for the weight.


Fabulous fur styles for trendy women

In early winter, all kinds of fur products appeared in the sweet snaps. Beautiful fur coats have become the hottest fashion clothes in this time. Fur clothes have become the necessary clothes for people who follow the fashion. Girls who wear fur coats are seen everywhere on the street.

Fur coats are the most suitable clothes for early winter, they are fashion and chic. This dark blue fur coat is by no means toneless, you can wear a V-neck silk dress inside this coat, simple and fashion you are. For office ladies, colors like black, grey and blue are very good. These colors are not very flirtatious and make you look so steady and capable.

Who said that fur collocation should be law-abiding? You can still be very neutral and cool with fur coat. You can try all-black collocation. Black is the most mysterious and sexy color. You might think that all-black look is so tedious, it’s wrong. There are many kinds of black, as long as you can match layers of black colors, you can still be so elegant and smart.

I believe that this variegated fur vest must win the hearts of many girls, it’s so simple but quite fashion. You can wear a pair of ripped jeans with this fur vest. Wow, the original American style shows out immediately!

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The temperature of the luxury, indispensable fur products in 2013 winter

Recently, a $7.6 billion fur smuggling case caught our attention. Fur is the eternal topic for winter fashion. Fur clothing will never be outdated in the fashion world. With the approach with cold winter, all kinds of fur products come out. Luxury fur coat, sweet fur vest, cute fur bag, lovely fur scarf… You can see fur related clothes everywhere. If you do not have fur element in your clothes in this winter, you are not the real people who follow the fashion.

If you think that fur coat is too high-profile, you can try the cute fur bags. The fur bags in this year are really lovely. Candy color and animal print are very popular in this year’s fur bags. If you choose a colorful fur bags, the clothes you wear should come with basic colors like black and white to form strong contrast. Thus, you will look sweet and elegant at the same time.
Another kind of fur clothing that you can’t miss is the fur vest. Fur vests are suit for young ladies and students. Fur vests are more and more popular in recent years. Large pieces of fur coats will easily make us think of the luxury mid-age women, many young ladies think that fur coats will make them look older than their real ages. Fur vests are very easy to match, you can wear it outside or under the overcoat.

Have you seen the film” Salt”? I really love the fur hat that Angelina Jolie wore. The fur hat is very Russian. If you love nomadic style, you can try a fur hat like that. What’s more, fur scarf is also a very good fashion element in winter. You can use the fur scarf to act as a fur collar to decorate with your overcoat, or just place it on your neck and hand to keep warm.

How can we miss fur coats when we talked about fur products. Some of us may think that fur coats are clothes that our mother and grandmother will wear. If you think so, you are wrong. The fur fashion is getting more and more suit for young ladies. Some fur coat like rabbit fur coats are really cheap, you can buy a real fur coat even you are a student. Fur coats are no longer the privilege for rich people.

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What's your color in autumn?

The cold wind tells us that the autumn has already come. We have to put on our autumn clothes, which colors are most common seen color in your closet, maybe 90% percent of you will say black, grey, brown or other dark colors. Don’t stick to the dark colors in this autumn and winter! Try some bright colors too, you autumn and winter can still be very colorful and lively.
Knitwear is perhaps the most suitable clothing for early autumn. You can buy yourself a knitted sweater in early autumn since knitted sweater has very good warmth retention property and breathability. You can match with a pair of jeans or pencil pant. It’s all-match, you can wear in office or on street. A lemon yellow knitted sweater is quite lovely. The dominant tone of autumn is yellow, so this color is harmonious with this season.

An then the weather gets colder, you can put on a dust coat, most of the dust coats are brown, black or beige, in fact, you can try a green dust coat. With the weather is getting colder, the leaves on the trees fell, the world is getting deserted, green is a very lively color, try this kind of color, I’m sure your mood will change at the same time.

Finally, it comes to the end of the autumn, the weather will be quite cold then, you can put on a lovely fur coat. Fur coats in this year are quite fashion and colorful. How about red fur coat? You will look red-blooded and lively then!


How to distinguish rex rabbit fur and domestic rabbit fur

Rex rabbit has muskrat descent, it was cultivated in the late 1980s and widely raised in 1990s. The popularization and application of rex rabbit fur are very profound for the rabbit fur industry.

Let’s talk about the differences between rex rabbit fur and domestic rabbit fur.

1, Rex rabbit fur does not have guard hair, that is to say the thickness of the rex rabbit hair is the same – only villus existed, but for domestic rabbits, they have two kinds of hairs, one is the outer hair - long and thick, the other is the inside hair – short and soft. 

2. The density of rex rabbit fur is really high, so we can see that all of the hairs of rex rabbit fur are stand-up, perpendicular to the leather. But the density of domestic rabbit fur is not that high, so the hairs of domestic rabbit fur are not stand-up, they lay down in one direction.

3. Rex rabbit fur is less likely to drop hairs compared to domestic rabbit fur, the level of hair follicles damage of rex rabbit fur is just 1/3 of that of domestic rabbit fur.

Many undesirable businessmen would sale their domestic rabbit fur products as rex rabbit fur products, or they remove the guard hairs of the domestic rabbit fur to simulate rex rabbit fur products. These deception means are very easy to be penetrated. You just check the density of the rabbit fur, the hairs of domestic rabbit fur still can be stand-up if the guard hairs are removed. Some very foxy businessmen would cut the surface of the domestic rabbit fur and then remove the guard hairs of the fur to counterfeit rex rabbit fur, this kind of rabbit fur is hard to identify if you do not know much about rex rabbit fur. But you can still find clue since they can’t remove all of the guard hairs, is you find one guard hair, then this rabbit fur clothing is not real rex rabbit fur clothes, it must be domestic rabbit fur clothing. The price for rex rabbit fur is about 3 times of domestic rabbit fur, so many businessmen would fake their fur to earn more money. You must pay special attention.

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Match Skills For Early Autumn

People who are skilled at dressing have rich match experience, but sometimes in the face of a pile of clothes, they will also be confused about what to do. Just choose a two-piece dress, Collocation of the color and the design is harmonious, the designer's idea still has much to recommend.

In early autumn, small business suit and skirt have extremely high rate of appearance. Red long suit, the bright color is dazzing, pour the fire of passion into a relatively boring autumn, the classic the lapel collar show your temperament incisively and vividly, and the agile version brings elegant look. Inside the suit, you can wear a black skirt, the collocation of black and red has always been very impressive, is also very natural, gorgeous but  do not show abrupt.

Have you ever tried to wear a loose T-shirt outside of the dress? This way of dressing is leisure and random, it’s scenery that you should miss when you take snapshots. Now two-piece dress for such collocation appeared, wide knitted T-shirt covered condole belt dress, the T-shirt is very loose, but inside the loose T-shirt is a very close-fitting dress, the gradation is stereo, no matter you are fat or thin, you can wear out your feeling.

Fur vests are also very good choices for early autumn. Yes, you do not hear it wrong. You might think that fur is only suit for winter. In fact, you can try fur clothes in early autumn. Since the weather is nit that cold, you can try small fur vest. The color of the fur vests is more and more rich, you don't have to worry that you will look so old mannish. A lovely fur vest will improve your temperament in seconds. Inside the fur vest, you can wear a close-fit dress, very sexy and sweet.

It's also a good time for you to buy winter clothes now, Since you already know the fashion trends for this season, you know which kind of clothes is popular in this season, and the price for winter coats are not so high, you can store for your winter from now on.


Wear A Sexy Curve At Low Temperature

The freezing weather will not prevent us from chasing for beauty, we want to keep warm in winter, but we also want to show the curve of our bodies. Then which kind of clothes can keep us warm but also show our sexy body curves? Here are some advices for you.

Close-fitting winter dress show sexy curves. A close-fitting dress can not only draw the outline of your hot curve, it can also add a trace of warmth to you. Especially the dresses with knitting texture, it's very warm. Whether you match a long coat or a fur coat with the dress, you can become the sexy girl in the winter. In winter, most of us would choose brunet clothes, but such costumes like dressed, you can choose pink color or brilliant colors. As a result, you will attract more attention. Colors like bare bright red, pink or army green are very good choices!

About the overcoat, you can choose a fur coat, swashbuckling fur coat is still quite hot in this season, continue to take in its popular status. It is important to note that the fur clothes of this season pay more attention to interest and mixed feelings that the color bring to us. Fur item is no longer synonymous with femininity, girls in the United States can also use it to show MIX boy or sports style, resulting in a completely different unique feeling.

If younger girls think that a fur coat is too old mannish, you might as well choose fur vest which comes with the same ambition feel, this item is more suitable to convey the sense of fashion. Fur scarf or other accessories are also right choices. Of course, if you are have strong confidence of your collocation capability, it would be bold to try this season’s popular brilliant color fur coat!

As the temperature is lower, boots has become the protagonist of the quarter. Down with leggings, you can add a pair of boots to show your legs. What’s more, various types of winter boots matched with various styles of dress, full of fashionable feeling, they decorate the streets everywhere. If you don't want to fall behind, prepare a pair of boots!

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